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Sir Watson
Sir William Watson Cheyne as a young man

Exhibition at Fetlar Interpretive Centre
Part of the exhibition at Fetlar Interpretive Centre

This Website has been created to accompany an information resource and exhibition on Sir William Watson Cheyne at Fetlar Interpretive Centre, a small museum and visitor centre on the remote island of Fetlar in Shetland. We welcome visitors to the Website and to the resource, and will do our best to answer your inquiries.

The resource is intended to raise awareness of the significance of Sir William Watson Cheyne in world medical history. The exhibition can be visited in person, or research enquiries can be directed by E-mail to

The exhibition and multi-media resource received the prestigious Museum of the Year Award in the Educational Initiative category at a ceremony in Edinburgh on Monday 6th November 2000. Project Co-ordinator, Jane Mack, was there to receive the award from HRH Princess Anne.

The following facilities have been made available within the resource:

  • An interpretive exhibition at Fetlar Interpretive Centre on Sir William Watson Cheyne's life and work
  • Several albums of photographs copied from the Cheyne collection, mostly of Leagarth House and gardens, and Sir William Watson Cheyne and his family
  • Albums of copied documents relating to Sir William Watson Cheyne.
  • A bibliography and an inventory of further research material on Sir William Watson Cheyne, within medical collections throughout the country
  • A computer multi-media display on Sir William Watson Cheyne's life and contribution to medical science - available for viewing at Fetlar Interpretive Centre
  • A schools-pack, produced in partnership with Fetlar Primary School, and aimed at providing primary schools with a broad introduction to Sir Watson Cheyne in the context of medical and living conditions in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The pack is available from Fetlar Interpretive Centre, and contains a short CD-ROM. It is aimed at upper primary level pupils
  • A photographic history of his life and work, in booklet form, available from Fetlar Interpretive Centre and other Shetland outlets, priced £6 (six pounds sterling) plus postage
  • A leaflet summarising the resource

You can find out more about Sir William Watson Cheyne by visiting the extensive exhibition and information resource at Fetlar Interpretive Centre. Information about Fetlar Interpretive Centre and how to get there can be found on one of two Websites: or We would like to thank our funders for this project: The Heritage Lottery Fund, Shetland Amenity Trust, Shetland Islands Council and Shetland Enterprise Ltd, and also the Cheyne family for allowing access to their vast collection of photographs and documents. We are also grateful to Fetlar Primary School, the Royal College of Surgeons (England), the Florence Nightingale Museum and to Write Design, a Fetlar-based Web consultancy and multi-media company for the donation of this Website.

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